Alexa in MEDEA

April 8th, 2013

Exposure of a tragic sensitive symphony. This project speaks about the condition of a mother and a wife besieged by the tragic faith of being left behind. Her beloved one abandoned her for a younger woman and she feels the tragic transformed into fatality. Nothing else counts. Framed into a space composed by dark-red lights and sandy shores, Medealooks after finality of her life. No colors or feelings felt straight to her evolution. Walking on an empty coast, asking herself about human condition with no desire of finding a solution but just to search a conclusion. It’s about this long way of someone being left behind and sort the right sentences to write on the wet sand. There is life after death. There is love only inside us.

Model: Alexa / Unique Models Agency Photography: Gabriel Nedelcu Styling: Irina Irimia Make-Up: Ramona Badea Hairstyling: Irina Irimia Retouching: JhonS

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