The spotlights bring us nationally  in the headlines for a couple of  years, the same recipe that guarantees success and fame: superficiality seasoned with false luster. Uniqueness is increasingly hidden, lost among the masses, cramped by the  commercial. Based on  the concept  “modeling is an art” , we combined modeling with photographic art  in a single project, slightly controversial, but  very interesting.

Today, this concept is called Unique Models Agency.

Professional photographers, make-up artist, stylists and hair stylists, form a dedicated team that focuses not only on imagination and creativity, but also on the native naturalness of  each model. Combining enthusiasm with passion, we have put into practice innovative and diversified projects,  we have developed a vast  portfolio of photo shoots, fashion shows, pictorials, each of it presenting a mixture of color, lights, beauty and emotions.

Founded in 2011 by  photographer Diana Stanciu, Unique Models represents nowadays models in the international field, collaborating with the most famous international modeling agencies from Milan, Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, Prague, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong  and scouting for the international Attitude Models agency.

We have all the necessary attestation for legally running our activity in the field of artistic impresario, creating and shaping professional models from all over the country.